Currently v5.4.1 Licence MIT License
A lightweight responsive CSS framework based on flexible box ( flexbox )

What is Basis?

Clean code development

The Basis classes have prefix. And code style is BEM (MindBemding) and using Sass. You can use it as CSS framework or Sass mixin library.

Responsive & Mobile first

The grid system is flexbox based. So it's simple and excellent than the float layout! Same height box, Reverse grid, Equal spacing layout and more.

Lightweight & Minimum style

The Basis style is lightweight and minimum. It just may not be enough, but so overwritable.

Why it's awesome?


CSS architecture of Basis is FLOCSS. So it is possible a modular approach.
├ core/
├ foundation/
├ layout/
└ object/
   ├ component/
   ├ project/
   └ utility/

Vertical Rhythum

Basis has incorporated the concept of vertical rhythm. So you can be a good-balanced design.
@function bs-vertical-rhythm($font-size, $coefficient: 1) {
  $between-lines   : bs-strip-unit(bs-rem2px($bs-between-lines));
  $base-line-height: bs-strip-unit(bs-rem2px($bs-base-line-height));
  $base-font-size  : bs-strip-unit(bs-rem2px($bs-base-font-size));
  $font-size       : bs-strip-unit($font-size);

Flexible grid system

Clean because using a flexible box. The grid system is flexbox based. You can use 1 to 12 of the grid size. ._c-row__col--1-1, ._c-row__col--2-3, ._c-row__col--1-12 and more.
<div class="_c-row">
  <div class="_c-row__col _c-row__col--1-1 _c-row__col--md-1-2">...</div>
  <div class="_c-row__col _c-row__col--1-1 _c-row__col--md-1-2">...</div>

<div class="_c-row">
  <div class="_c-row__col _c-row__col--1-1 _c-row__col--md-1-3">...</div>
  <div class="_c-row__col _c-row__col--1-1 _c-row__col--md-1-3">...</div>
  <div class="_c-row__col _c-row__col--1-1 _c-row__col--md-1-3">...</div>

Highly extensible

The core is only the basic components, it can be extended with add-on.
$ npm install sass-basis
$ npm install sass-basis-drawer
$ npm install sass-basis-hamburger-btn





Basis is open source, so if you want to take part in contributing please fork the repo on Github and send us a pull request. Or, if you find a bug create a new issue.
Basis licensed under MIT. Basis is absolutely free for personal or commercial use.