A lightweight responsive Sass/CSS framework based on flexible box.


Why it's awesome?

  • Basis isn't about a UI framework. Basis provides only basic frame of components. So you build a responsive web page quickly and easy to overwrite with your Sass or CSS.
  • CSS architecture of Basis is FLOCSS. So it is possible a modular approach.
  • Basis has incorporated the concept of vertical rhythm. So you can be a good-balanced design.
  • Basis has many mixins. Usufule mixins and abstract mixin of compornents.

Demo ( HTML5 Templates )

Get started

Using Basis Project (Starter Kit)

$ git clone
$ cd starter-kit
$ npm install
$ npm start

Using NPM

Installs Basis

$ npm install sass-basis

Imports Basis your Sass/SCSS.

/* If you want to use Basis classes */
@import node_modules/sass-basis/src/css/basis;

/* If you want to use Basis mixins only */
@import node_modules/sass-basis/src/css/basis-core;

Imports JavaScript

import 'node_modules/sass-basis/src/js/basis.js';

Download from GitHub

Download the basis from

Imports Basis your Sass/SCSS.

/* If you want to use Basis classes */
@import basis/src/css/basis;

/* If you want to use Basis mixins only */
@import basis/src/css/basis-core;

or Just this link.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="basis/dist/css/basis.min.css">

Loads JavaScripts

<script src="node_modules/sass-basis/dist/js/basis.min.js"></script>

Using CDN (jsDelivr)

Sample for using classes

<a class="c-btn c-btn--block">Btn</a>

Sample for using abstracts

.c-btn {
  @include _c-btn();

  &--block {
    display: block;
<a class="c-btn c-btn--block">Btn</a>

Browser support

Modern Browser only

How to contribute

Please make an issue if there is a problem and needs. Please don't make the new issue if the issue of the same content already exists. If you can coding, please give me a pull request. But, please do not send in the master branch. Pull request sent to the master branch doesn't merge.


MIT License